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Bukit Antarabangsa …Multiple Tragedy II December 15, 2008

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1. It has been 8 days since tragedy strikes at Bukit Antarabangsa. Life is slowly returning and expected to get worse as the access road is still under construction. It is hope that the road will be open before schools starts as it will be chaotic if it does not. The good thing is from my perspective is the government agencies got their act together after 48 hours. They are better organized and better coordinated compared to the first 48 hours.

2. Following my first posting under Bukit Antrabangsa Multiple tragedy, I receive many comments, which I deem is coming from people who are pro UMNO. They were angry with me for criticising their leaders. I do not blame them because I write what I see. I write what I had experience personally. There are things that happen to me directly. Several comments that came in was bit bitter but I took it with stride. Some of my friends told me to block those comments but I believe in what I say i.e. rights2write (freedom of speech) and as such I do not block those negative comments

3. Yesterday the TBU Ops Centre committee and representatives of 8 surrounding residential areas gave a press conference. I was appointed to be the spokesperson. We were inexperience in giving PC. We had done in an open-air environment. By the time the PC starts, there was a big gen set belongs to a Telco company that went full blast. We literally have to raise our voice at the request of the press. As per any PC, the media only capture what they feel is interesting. Out of one hour of the PC, probably 30sec was captured and released to the public.

4. In relation to the PC and my first article, I would like to raise a few items here. In my first article I mentioned about the PR warfare that was on going that UMNO was winning because its accessibility to control media. There were some defensive comments made towards that paragraph. I think I should clarify.

5. The first time I visited Kyoto Garden on the D1, I was shocked to see a big writings that says BN Relief centre. I made a joke about it to the Putri Head in front of some PKR supporters. It was an advisory joke where I told the Putri Head that it was inappropriate at the current times. Later that day when JKM brought food via the Helicopter, the UMNO team came and the Putri Head shouted at me “ You all tak boleh buat macam ini… ambil makanan Tan Sri Mohamad Taib bagi” I told her too cool down and said that the food arrangement was made via En Saiful of JKM which was stationed at SK Hulu Kelang. En Saiful was in contact with En Razak at all times.

6. She refuses to listen and continue her rage. She says it despite knowing that I do not belong to any political group. While goods are being unloaded from the heli, we could see the difference in packaging for the food that the Putri head says that belongs to them. The JKM food comes in Styrofoam packaging while the fancy UMNO food was in a nice bag (see you tube video) Unless you choose to be nice to them, you will get the styrofoam packed food. I had no working problem with any other UMNO people at the center but since she is heading the BN relief team, her actions reflects poorly on UMNO.

7. On another occasion, (I believe it was on D3), while attending a patient at TBU Ops Center, I realized that I do not have the necessary medication for the patient. I called up the Putri Head requesting medical assistance. She said their doctor (Dr Kassim) is no longer there and she is outside the centre. I asked her whether she could pass me all the medication that since I am in TBU Ops Center and being the only doctor around and it would be easier for me to move around between patients rather than going to her place to collect medicine for every case. She told a flat NO and said that the drugs belong to UMNO! To be fair, she said I can go to the centre and take medications whenever a patient needs them. This was difficult for me.

8. While all this was going on, the PKR boys (AMK) help us carrying food and water via difficult hilly route from Atheneum condo. There was pure dedication. Their leaders was not rude. The were running around and give their assistance providing transport service for those who wants to walks in and out. Except for one guy in a Kembara whom I literally told him to get out and never come back at our Ops Center, the rest of the crew were working hard.

9. On the 3rd day one of the PR rep put up a banner, that says “ ADUN Bukit Antarabangsa Relief Center ”. I was not happy and advice that the word ADUN is to be removed. His explained that the AMK boy’s moral was low as UMNO was openly publicising their party and nothing appears for PKR. In the end, the word ADUN was left with DUN. A day after that, it was change with a state government and MPAJ logo that is an official banner and in my mind is appropriate as it is an official government agency banner. There was no more conflict of interest.

10. Talking about important visitors, we had visits from Elizabeth Wong, Azmin and some other state Exco. I was told that Shaberi Chik and Mukhriz went to the UMNO relief center at Kyoto but they did not visit us. Dr Lo Lo of PAS ( my HUKM senior) visited the UMNO center. I feel Azmin and Elizabeth should have gone for a visit to Kyoto and Mukhriz and Shaberi should have visited us. In our case we are a resident based organization and not under any political banner. In my assessment, the UMNO and AMK boys were trying to do go good but unfortunately, UMNO image was marred by their Putri Head behaviour. UMNO advertise heavily. PKR and AMK boys heads remain high. They were appreciated by the masses.

11. On the outburst in the newspaper by Khir Toyo which appeared in the NST as well as Malaysiakini, I felt it was an insult of the highest order. Khir Toyo (and other previous UMNO) leaders led the Selangor State for more than 50 years. Over the 50 years, power of project approval, land alienation was centralize to the state exco and MB by changing the State laws. About 20 years ago (I think Mohd bin Mohd Taib was the MB), the state change the status of a piece of forest reserve and a water catchment area and alienated it to a private company which later sold it to MBF. That piece of land is currently Bukit Antarabangsa. These are the buggers that is responsible for making homes available in wrong places for the sake of money. It gave the impression that BA was a safe heaven. It gave an impression that the state government endorse the suitability of the location to build homes. Local authority officer becomes weak as State leaders would put pressure on them when they went they resist. This is a normal culture within UMNO controlled state.

12. I want to refresh Khir Toyo shaded memory on one new development that took place recently on a piece of land that is next to my Taman while he was the MB. The land is hilly. Ikram reports shows that it was a mixture of class III and IV. The land belongs to one strong MIC leader in Tg Malim who happens to be a contractor. All basic rules and regulations were bypassed. The resident protested against this development . They work late nights despite resident protest. Hundreds of objections and complains went trough to MPAJ and the State. This is one company that is immune from from any legal actions. I think En Farid another resident interview on Malaysiakini summarize it well on the state government that led Selangor in the last 50 years.Today that piece of land is called Puncak Utama. I am wondering and waiting when the retaining wall will give away.Some of tiles on the Reinforced concrete is already damp and shows signs of coming of the wall.

13. They landfilled a deep valley behind their land and now that land is a flat ground. Natural water flow was affected. My complains went unheeded until today. The project has completed but they still kept their machinery and equipments on another piece of land adjacent to the landfilled area. It is in an eyesore condition. When complain was made, they built a hoarding around the land.

14. All this was done while under the watch of Khir Toyo. I am still wondering how is that a class III and IV land be allowed to be developed. That is a decision that can only be made at a state level. The decision can only be made by the MB office i.e. Khir Toyo. I dare that Khir Toyo and Mohd Taib to come to BA and meet the ordinary residents. Let us have a debate but make sure you come prepared. I CHALLENGE YOU!

15. Some one told me to take a political stand and I chose a clear path. We need to vote for balance of power and based on what has transpired, today UMNO will not be part to of that balance. Four years down the road if they improve their act, I will reconsider. I do not know whether 4 years is enough to undo all the wrong doings that they have been doing in the last 50 years. But in the case of BA landslide, I will not forget easily



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