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An open letter to UMNO supporters in Bukit Antarabangsa December 16, 2008

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Today (14 Nov 2008), I had attended a close door discussion with the Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim with the residential representative of 8 others residential association in Bukit Antarabangsa. The purpose of the meeting is to allow the MB to give his briefing and to answer questions related to the efforts the state is doing in addressing the current landslide tragedy in Bukit Antarabangsa.

This is the first time I am meeting the Selangor MB face to face and I am quite impressed with his ability to answer questions. However occasionally he appears to misunderstand the question asked. Among the issue raised by the participants is the future development of Bukit Antarabangsa. I was shocked when he mentions that up to Feb 2008, the previous administration has approved about 20 projects surrounding Bukit Antarabangsa. The entire approved project is in Class III and IV areas.

I highlighted the fact that in November 2002, after Gen (Rtd) Ismail Omar house was flattened by a landslide which killed his entire family, the federal government ordered that all highland projects to be stopped. The Selangor State government in fact also announce that no new projects will be allowed for slope areas of Class III and IV. Khir Toyo made this announcement personally in the news just like what the PM did recently.

To me surprised, the MB said that it was a verbal advice and was not a written policy. There was no specific written document issued. It was a not a policy. What sickened me most is the fact that in the last 5 years, Khir Toyo and his State Exco’s has approved so many new development in Bukit Antarabangsa. The way I see it, he is responsible in making BA a real danger zone. He is making it into a killing field. To me the entire previous Selangor State Exco is liable. How can they be so irresponsible in putting thousands of life in danger?

Now, the million-dollar question that strong UMNO members in Bukit Antarabangsa must answer is how you feel about electing irresponsible people into office. What is your reaction to this fact? Your appointed leaders are actually responsible in putting both you and your family life in danger. Now he is running for the post of UMNO Youth Head. It is time that UMNO supporters appoint responsible leaders. Why appoint people that put your life in danger! Don’t you care what happen to you and your family? Why are you as members are not taking steps to ensure that they are accountable to their actions?

Going by what is transpired at the meeting an UMNO member told not to look at the past but move forward. I agree we must move forward. I have no issue of moving forward but what surprise me is that he does not appear to be angry with the previous state government that he elect for putting his life and his family life in danger. To move forward in this case is to take the necessary step and initiate a legal action against past office bearers. This legal action will be ensure that the current and future office bearers will be careful and responsible before putting their approval stamp on the signature line.

As for me, I felt that the previous MB and all the state exco’s are liable. They deserve a proper lesson. They must be made to be responsible in their actions. They must face both civil and criminal law for putting so many lives in danger. They cannot get off scot-free. I suggest we the residents of Bukit Antarabangsa collectively work together collate evidence and file a legal suit against the irresponsible office bearers.

This is the only way to ensure that future office bearer to be more responsible. To move forward, we must look at the past and make sure that previous mistakes are not repeated. In the case of Khir Toyo and his merry man, they did not make a mistake. We must find out why they are making us the sacrificial lamb for the interest of developers. They intentionally put our life in danger they are simply irresponsible and their acts can be classified as treason. Very soon, it will be murder. In fact, the past state office bearers that “murdered” the four people in BA in the recent landslide. So, to all those UMNO members in BA, will you take legal action against your irresponsible leaders? I wonder…



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