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… dan mereka kata kita berebut MAYAT!!! August 19, 2010

Posted by ibrahimbaba in akhbar, Anti-Islam.

Sekadar memetik akhbar the Star hari ini. Sebelum ini mereka selalu kata kita asyik berebut mayat…


Group gatecrashes Christian funeral to give ‘friend’ a Hindu burial

KUALA LUMPUR: A Christian funeral for a taxi driver was abruptly halted when 10 men barged into a house in Pandan Utama, Ampang, and took his body.

In the noon incident yesterday, a few family members including one of the dead man’s sisters were injured when they tried to stop the men from taking the body.

The men who claimed to be close friends of the deceased, known only as Paul, had told the family they wished to perform a Hindu funeral for him.

Paul’s 45-year-old sister, known only as Jenifer, said the 10 men threatened to kill the family if they resisted.

“We told them to allow us to finish our prayers and then they can take him for their prayers before we bury him but they refused to listen.

“They claimed that they were his friends but real friends would not do such a thing to Paul or hurt his sisters,” she told reporters.

Jenifer added that after Paul’s body was taken away, her three younger sisters ran to the Ampang police headquarters located nearby to lodge a report.

Police traced the body to a home in Cheras where the second funeral was held for Paul.

Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Jalil Hassan who confirmed this, said a woman at the Cheras house told the police that she was Paul’s wife and she had the right to give him a Hindu burial.

As two families were staking claims to Paul’s body, he said the police took it back to the police headquarters at about 3.30pm.

ACP Abdul Jalil said the body was later returned to Paul’s sisters when the woman who claimed to be his wife could not produce a marriage certificate.

Police were looking for the 10 men who took Paul’s body, he said, adding that they ran away when they heard the police were on their way to the house in Cheras.

ACP Abdul Jalil said the 10 would be investigated under Section 457 of the Penal Code for breaking-in and theft.

It is learnt that 30-year-old Paul had died of an illness at the Ampang Hospital.



1. lokman - August 19, 2010

Terima kasih hantar emel..kita sendiri kena rasional dalam perkara ini. Orang Islam pun kena fikir jauh, kita nak rebut mayat orang mati…atau jasad orang masih hidup. Tentulah orang masih hidup yang memberi kelangsungan laluan dakwah dan akidah Islam..Tapi orang kita ni banyak melihatnya sebagai kerja-kerja rasmi shj..Orng Islam adalah berbeza dgn mrk..urusan dunia ini adalah utk orang hidup..orng mati akan prg selamanya..

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